What will I do with my HAIR?!?!

Locks of Elegance has a good selection of easy to do yourself hair tutorials, conveniently  divided into eras. The styles are simple and well explained, though unless you have naturally curly hair, several of the styles will be easier to manage if you first set your hair on hot rollers,  curl with a wand, or leave […]

But….But… What will I wear?!

There are several hire options for costumes, if you choose to have something elaborate.  However, you can have a ton of fun making outfits from things you have at home, or have collected from the op shops!  Here is an example of a regency outfit from an op shop: For the ladies.. For the gentlemen.. […]

Umm… Dancing?

You can do it. We’re going to help. 🙂 First, a tip – Flat shoes for dancing, please, ladies! Here are videos of some of the dances we’ll be doing at the ball. Watching the dances, we have found, actually helps us. Make sure you pay attention to the steps, rather than drooling over all […]