Dear Family and Friends,

At our historical costume ball, we REALLY want to see what you come up with for a costume.  We know you’re creative. Having a costume helps set the scene for the activities we have planned for you. It’s about… Atmosphere! And Unity.  And World Peace.  Okay, I made that last one up, but the rest is true!!

For this reason, we have made pre-1900’s formal wear the required dress standard.
It doesn’t have to be intricate or expensive.  Part of the fun of the evening is seeing how everyone uses what they have at home, or what they were able to find at op-shops to create a costume.
So for those of you who have never attended a Historical Costume Ball before, this website is for you! We have included tutorials, helpful hints, and ideas on what you can do to make your own costume, and links and stuff for those of you who are more pressed for time and would prefer to hire. The info is all in one post right here

The costume category is rather broad – just pre-1900’s formal wear. Regency is often the easiest to find, so a lot of the suggestions are that style. Our own first costumes were Regency, as you can see here. I don’t really want to let out the secret, but just for you… because I love you all so much… 😉 the Laidley op shop has a LOT of dresses if you ask to have a look up the back at the formal attire.

And since the hairstyle is such a big part of your costume, we’ve made a post about that, too.

The dancing really isn’t that scary. There are some videos here that you can watch (we recommend it), and hopefully we will be able to arrange a practice… Expressions of interest, please? 🙂

After the ball is over, we are planning to have some music – everyone that can play anything at all is invited to prepare a musical item to share. It can be anything you wish – historical doesn’t apply to this part of the program! 🙂 And yes, we have now discovered a piano…

So, have fun, people! Hope to see you all there, all dressed up, with your music!

One last thing – if our lovely guests would care to subscribe, you can stay up to date on what cool ball stuff we have been looking into, any new ideas we come across, and links to other great websites.


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